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Bible Loving Black Activism w/ Allan Chipman

In this installment of our series on elevating black voices we invite our friend Allan Chipman from Initiatives of Change to talk with us about what it means to him to be pro-Gospel, pro-Jesus, and pro-black. 

You can see a full list of recommended reading here.

Here are some quick links to historical voices Allan referenced:

Elizabeth Key

James Cone

Andrew Young



I’m A Black Republican w/ Gerard Robinson

This month, in honor of Black History Month, we'll be looking to elevate black voices with a series of guests who are also men and women of color. This week we talk to Gerard Robinson, Executive Director of the Center for Advancing Opportunity, as he gives us his perspective on being a black man in the GOP.


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Modern Day Prophets (or Lack Thereof)

This week John and Matt ask "where are the prophets?!" Is there anyone out there speaking truth just as hard to one side as the other and pulling no punches?

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Bethel Resurrection Prayer

This week we're talking about the Bethel movement, charismatic culture, and the recent story surrounding a call to raise a young girl from the dead.

For further curiosity check out:

This article from Christianity Today 

Curt Thompson's "Soul of Shame"

Jonathan Evans' eulogy for his mother.


Christianity Today and The American Evangelical (pt. 2)

Welcome back for the second part of our conversation on Christianity Today's bombshell articles (here and here) and the state of evangelicalism in our country. This week we get into the history of the term "evangelical" and how we stopped calling people "fundamentalists" and started mischaracterizing the difference between the two. 


Christianity Today and The American Evangelical (pt.1)

We're back for 2020 and ready to dive right in! Over the next two weeks we'll be talking about the bombshell articles posted by Christianity Today (here and here) and the implications it has on evangelical culture moving forward.


Worship Leaders and The POTUS

You may or may not have seen that some of the country's most popular worship artists recently visited the White House. Well...they did and we wanted to talk about it!


The Santa Situation

On this special CHRISTMAS BONUS episode we are joined by Kid Ministry Guru Chara Robinson to talk about different perspectives on Jolly Ol' Saint Nick, some history behind the real guy, and some thoughts on how we handle the legend in our homes.


Chick-Fil-A and LGBTQ Activism

We're back from Nazareth and ready to tackle the continuing controversy surrounding Chick-Fil-A and its non-profit partners. 


Fashion and Justice

This week we talk to our very own Kelly G. about how we can best love our neighbors through our shopping and fashion habits.