Stay Curious


Call-Out Culture and John Crist | Episode 22

This week we delve into the recent revelations around faith-based comedian John Crist and also have a wider conversation about celebrity and calling people out.


Faith and Sexuality Final Thoughts | Episode 21

Matt and Wags wrap up our series on faith and sexuality by continuing to process what they've learned and questions they still have on this very complex and emotional topic. 


Celibacy w/ David Bennett | Episode 20

In our continuing series on sexuality we are honored to be joined by David Bennett, author "A War of Loves", to talk about his journey from atheist and gay activist to gay christian theologian. 


Spooky | Episode 19

This week we take a break from our series on sexuality for a very special October episode! John, Lacy, and Matt discuss their experience with Halloween and the line between spooky and evil.


Gay and Christian | Episode 18

This week we talk with our dear friend Michelle about her experience as a gay Christian in and out of our community.


Same-Sex Relationships and Scripture w/ Karen Keen | Episode 17

We speak to author and counselor Karen Keen in our ongoing series on sexuality. Karen is the author of "Scripture, Ethics, and The Possibility of Same-Sex Relationships" and the founder of the Redwood Center For Spiritual Care and Education. 


Sexuality and Traditional Marriage w/ Preston Sprinkle | Episode 16

This week we're joined by Preston Sprinkle, the author of "A People To Be Loved" and founder of the Center For Faith, Sexuality, and Gender. We talk with Preston about his experience as someone who seeks to better understand LGBTQ+ people while also holding to a traditional view of marriage.


Sexuality and the Church (Intro) | Episode 15

This week we kick off a new series on sexuality and the church where we'll be covering perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues, marriage, and sexuality in the church. Buckle up, friends. The next few weeks should be a time of growth for us all! 


Truth or Facts? | Episode 14

In the age of social media sharing and opinion spreading we decide to have a conversation about the spirit behind the facts. What is the difference between fact, fiction, and truth? 


Science and Faith | Episode 13

We're excited to have our Dr. Seth Henshaw, a nuclear physicist, on the show to talk about his experience as both a christian and a scientist.